The Voucher Program

has a policy that if someone can’t afford to shop at the store they could bring a referral from a local partnering social services organization and select items for free.The voucher allows people to shop for clothing; shoes; and essential household items such as sheets, blankets, cookware, and dishes.

Who is Eligible for a Voucher?

All government and private social service organizations, member congregations, and schools are eligible to request voucher assistance. Referring agents should contact us via phone or email for an official referral form. The Voucher program is entirely free, there is absolutely no charge to any of the participants. Our only request is that the vouchers be distributed to clients who have the greatest need and only one voucher per person every six months. (Regardless of how many organizations refer a client, the client will be able to take advantage of only one referral.)

How are Vouchers Redeemed?

Recipients must complete a benevolence form that should be turned into our main office at 263 West Morgan Street. Upon completion of the Benevolence Form the recipient will receive a voucher in a sealed envelope that should be taken to the The General Store or Bargain Store to redeem items. The Main office  is open Monday –Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM.  

Please note that appropriate clothing must be purchased based on the age and sex of the voucher holder individuals referred in the voucher.For more information on our Voucher program contact Powerhouse at  660.886.8510.