I’m a raindrop trying my best 
  To nourish for You, Lord, hungry souls, 

When I think of the vastness of Your power 
I am lost in the failure to fathom Your awesomeness. 

You know the minds of millions of persons, 
  You know their thoughts and actions, 
You send Your love to each one, 
  You desire that each one seeks to adore You. 

How can I even image such a powerful love? 
  And then to add to this You created us, 
While all You want of us is to love You and serve  
  While living a life of obedience to Your word. 

Oh, how my mind goes into a whirl with all this, 
  And then You ask me to be a raindrop 
Nourishing souls with your heavenly knowledge, 
  Drawing back to You the weary ones. 

Humbled as I am, I say, who me Lord? 
  You want me to be a rain-drop for You? 
Then let Your grace of power ignite me 
  And show me where my rain-drop is to fall. 

Put a lake behind me to draw from 
  And let the drops fall, and fall, and fall. 
Lord please take me (insert your name) your servant, 
  Give me the mission and power to be Your raindrop.

By Frank E. Henrich