C. L. Stephenson Sr. Multipurpose Building

     Private Party & Wedding Rentals
    The C. L. Stephenson Sr. Multipurpose Building is available for full day private events such as weddings, receptions, dances, meetings & dinners. The C. L. Stephenson Sr. Multipurpose Building is also available weekend days for conferences, workshops, & retreats.
    Contact The C. L. Stephenson Sr. Multipurpose Building to schedule a tour of the facility info@pwrhouseministries.org

    Equipment Available:
    • Chairs 
    • Folding tables 
    Terms of use - please read carefully:
    1.  The rental period shall be from 12am (Midnight) until 1am of the following calendar day.
    2.  The daily rental fee shall be $350.00 for the facility. If alcohol will be consumed, there will be an additional $100.00 surcharge. The requisite rental fee is to be paid to the OWNERS no later than 48hrs prior to the above stated rental date. A security deposit of $350.00 for the facility, plus the requisite fees for alcohol consumption if applicable, is also payable when booking a date of rental in order to reserve the requested date. The OWNERS will not hold any date(s) for the LICENSEE until a deposit is paid in full.
    3.  Security deposit to be refunded to LICENSEE within 30 days after use, unless applied to the cleaning of premises, repair, damage, replacement of loss or if the LICENSEE has not cleaned or left the premises no later than the agreed time as specified within the contract.
    4.  LICENSEE must clean and vacate the premises on the agreed date and time of this contract or the security deposit will be retained by the OWNERS.
    5. The parties agree that the OWNERS, its officers and directors shall not be responsible for loss or injury incurred on the rented premises. And further, OWNERS shall not be responsible or liable for loss of, or damage to, any person or personal property of LICENSEE or LICENSEE’S guests during the rental period.
    6.  LICENSEE acknowledges that the C L Stephenson Sr. Multi-Purpose Building shall be maintained as a SMOKE FREE FACILITY
    7.   LICENSEE acknowledges the premises are rented with the structure, furnishings, fixtures and equipment in good condition and agrees to leave said structure, furnishings, fixtures and equipment in as good a condition as when received, reasonable wear and tear accepted.  LICENSEE, by this Agreement, accepts all items in said condition and will be responsible for all breakage, loss and other damage.
    8.   LICENSEE will be responsible for furnishing all paper products, dishes and cooking utensils.
    9.   LICENSEE may cancel this agreement by giving OWNER written notice of intent to cancel, at least seven (7) days prior to date of rental without penalty. Any cancellation of this agreement within six (6) days of the rental date will result in a forfeiture of $175 of the deposit amount.
    10. LICENSEE agrees to abide by the decorating rules as supplied on Addendum # 1
    11.  LICENSEE further agrees to leave the facility in the same or better condition as when they took the keys to the building and to follow the cleaning checklist on Addendum # 2. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the forfeiture of deposit at minimum $200.00 plus $25.00 per hour for cleaning, up to a maximum of $150.00.
    12. LICENSEE will return premises key into the designated drop box before 9am on the next calendar date. Failure to return key into the designated drop box by the agreed upon time will result in a key charge of $100.00 per day deducted from the deposit. If the LICENSEE needs entrance into the facility prior to the agreed upon date, they will be required to pay for an additional rental day. A copy of the signed contract is required to confirm your rental.
    Addendum # 1
    Before You Decorate
    These decorating guidelines must be used when you are decorating the building to prevent damage to the C L Stephenson Sr. Multi-Purpose Building and so you will not forfeit part or all of your Security Deposit. A building and grounds inspection will occur after your rental and before the Security Deposit is released. Please follow these guidelines carefully.
    1. Tape may not be used on any painted surface or on the ceiling.
    2. The only adhesives permitted are “Command Adhesive” brand hangers. To prevent damage from the surface, they must be removed according to the directions on the package.
    3. Nails and screws are not allowed. Any holes created in the walls will be considered property damage.
    4. Do not hang items from the ceiling tile or light fixtures.
    5. Spray paint, adhesives, and/or confetti may not be used in the Building or grounds.
    6. Decorations attached to the outside of the building or grounds must adhere to the above listed guidelines.
    7. All decorations must be completely removed upon vacating the building at the end of your rental. This includes decorations or signs at the front entrance of the building, driveway, etc.